Munich’s Finest: Tobi Neumann

Ahead of his return to the club on NYE, the illustrious German producer shares five of Munich’s Finest with us...

A celebrated producer in Germany’s techno scene, Tobi Neumann has released on Mobilee, Cocoon and many more, crafting a sound which blends sultry house to more melodic, meandering techno. 

Collaborations with Miss Kittin, 2Raumwohnung and Marco Unzip are just the tip of the iceberg of Tobi’s discography and looking ahead to next year, the German producer shows no signs of slowing down, and joins us for our NYE event alongside Charlotte de Witte, Regal & more on 31st December. 

Currently based in Berlin, Tobi’s roots with his native city of Munich are still firmly in place. Giving us an insight into the best spots for beer, art and club culture in his hometown, Tobi shares five of Munich’s Finest with us around this festive time of year… 

Viktualien Markt 

I’ve lived in Berlin for almost 20 years but every time I’m in Munich I go to the Viktualien Markt. It’s one of the best spots to eat and find the highest quality food, fruit, veggie and meat stands. Expensive but definitely one of the best places! Visit it. 

All Pinakothek Museums 

Munich is a wealthy city and fortunately, they’ve used some of their money and with many generous donations, have put together an important art and sculpture collection. The Pinakothek is really worth going to see with its contemporary and classic art! From Rubens to Richter… you will find something to suit your personal taste. 

Blitz Club 

David Muallem and Brane Peco built a club with one of the best sound systems in the world and it’s a very ambitious club project. As a Panorama Bar resident, David has a great network of friends and colleagues and almost all the big DJs play here. Superb sound and line up guaranteed. 


The River which is THE identity of Munich. Visit the beautiful walking and cycling paths along the river. There are lovely parks all through Munich. 

Englischer Garten - Seehaus Biergarten 

Munich is the city of beer gardens. This tradition dates back to the times when the Munich breweries needed basements to cool their beer for a long time before there was electricity. The space above the brick arches needed to have the maximum shadow so they planted chestnut trees on top of them and they started to serve the beer directly from there. 

In Munich you are allowed to bring your own food and just buy the beer from the breweries. This tradition still exists and the nice thing is that you meet all kind of people in the beer gardens. A must when you love to drink your beer in good company! 


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