Ibiza Tracks of the Summer: Darius Syrossian

Heading up our Middle Floor for a weighty five-hour set, ahead of the night DO NOT SLEEP resident shares five of his favourite tracks which epitomise his experience in Ibiza this year so far…

It’s been four years since Darius Syrossian played at the club and since then, the fully fledged producer and selector has toured Europe, the U.S and Australia while holding down a residency with Do Not Sleep at Amnesia as well as dropping a slew of releases on Hot Creations, Snatch! Records, Exploited, Moon Harbour and lots more. 

The outspoken producer has worked tirelessly on his craft after serving 14 years in a record store, educating his ear and developing a delectable taste within the dance music spectrum. Championing extended sets and a no-frills approach in the industry - ‘MUSIC is more important than anything else, more important than money, more important than marketing, it's all about the music’ (Decoded Magzine) - there’s no messing around with Darius, just like his DJ sets. 

Heading up our Middle Floor for a weighty five-hour set on Friday 17th August, Syrossian is no stranger to playing long sessions and returns with an extensive library of his signature style, crowd-pleasing tech house cuts. Ahead of the night, Darius shares five of his favourite tracks which epitomise his experience in Ibiza this year so far…  

Some of the biggest tracks for me this summer for our DO NOT SLEEP party at AMNESIA are unreleased but I'm gonna go with the top 5 released tracks so that people checking this out can go out and grab these belters right away. 

MAR-T 'forbidden Coco' - Detlef Visions Remix 

This one is kind of like the Detlef of old which for me was some of the best stuff he has ever done & a nod to the deeper more hypnotic sound, this is a straight 10/10 from the man & perfect for when you want to make the transition from house to techno, and it has become a crowd favourite this summer.  


One of those for when you wanna change gear or coming towards the end of the set and you have the crowd in the zone and wanna end it on a feel-good vibe, this does the job every time, classy disco fuelled vibes. 


Josh Wink - 'Higher State of Consciousness' 

Its Hard to believe this is 23 years old!! And I was a bit shocked when I played it one night & my insta and twitter inboxes were FULL of people asking track id, then I dropped it again the night we had the legend Robert Hood come & do his Floorplan thing, and this absolutely destroyed that room... one of the most original tracks back then & still is from the Philadelphia legend Josh Wink. 


DJ FRONTER - 'Flying' 

This one always throws the whole room into a frenzy..... nice groove but then that break just whips the crowd into that zone.... this has been smashing the club to pieces every time.  


Ben Stirling - Ciao 

So that old saying, LESS IS MORE, this is a prime example, that baseline is so simple yet so devastating, Ben Stirling has nailed it here with this productions, a masterpiece of nailing that 'House is a feeling' vibe, this track doesn't do much but when you are on the floor and wanna lose yourself to the groove & music this is one of those, perfect for peak time without having to do all the noise stuff or tacky generic build and drop stuff that too many tracks are doing at the moment, this is some classy stuff from Ben and has become a favourite at DNS AMNESIA this summer.


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