Get to know: Wheats

We caught up with one of Toolroom’s most recent affiliates ahead of label's return on Saturday, 1st December...

Known to support a wealth of upcoming talent and helping to point aspiring producers in the right direction, Toolroom is one of the UK’s most popular and respected dance music labels. With its Toolroom Academy and label head honcho Mark Knight road testing recent Toolroom signee’s tracks on tour, it’s a privilege for any young artist to be part of the close-knit Toolroom team. 

At just 20 years old, Wheats is Toolroom’s most recent affiliate and has earned support from Mark since the day he signed with the imprint. Ahead of the label’s return on 1st December, we had a chat with Wheats to get to know more about him and why Kerri Chandler, Sam Divine, Josh Butler and lots more have shown support for the humble producer… 

We understand your Dad was a DJ, what kind of music did he play? What records stand out from his collection when you were growing up and do you ever play some of these classics? 

Let's get straight into this, my dad has done it for years! He's a huge inspiration to me and he got me loving House music from a very young age. One of the tracks I remember distinctly is "Camisra - Let Me Show You". He used to rinse this all the time (and still does now). I sometimes go through his collection but to find samples for my own productions rather than actually mixing. 

What major influences like key people, DJs, producers or clubs etc. have inspired you in your musical career? 

For starters, I'd say Mark Knight has influenced me big time. We bounce off each other and he really understands how I go about making records. An example of a recent situation is I'd write a new track on a weekend, then by the following weekend he’s managed to play it out three times and he's back to me with some A&R feedback! I'd probably say Mark Knight, Riva Starr, Roger Sanchez, Kerri Chandler, Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim to name a few who have inspired me so far. I wouldn't say they all define my sound but I just find it so inspiring how they are all still very strong in the game! 

We can’t believe at just 18 years old, you secured your first residency and festival date. Can you talk us through that time? I understand you met Kerri Chandler at the Mutiny festival and he played 2 of your tracks and then went on to sign you to his Madtech label. How did you feel getting props from one of the original maestros? 

I used to be a resident for the Love Amplified guys, they were the ones that gave me a shot at Mutiny Festival. My dad and I met Kerri Chandler backstage, which was where I met him for the first time. He was a super nice humble guy who had time for just about everyone! It's great to know a guy of his calibre really respects me and what I'm doing! We talk every other week or so still to this day! 

Now producing for Toolroom, do you have a favourite track so far that you’ve produced for them and what makes it special? 

I'd say my personal favourites that fully work for me are "Warrior Wall", "Kassia", "Everyone", "Why" & "Original Rebel". Those five are the ones that I'm really proud of! 

Can you name some of the artists/producers that are on your radar and why should we be listening? 

Ben Sterling 

The guy has been on fire all summer getting support from just about everyone in the scene and he has a tasty EP coming this winter! 



He landed in my inbox just over 3 months or so ago and this man knows how to make a real stomper!


Josh Gregg 

2019 is going to be massive for Josh, already has some BIG releases lined up! 


Sam Eynon 

Sam is a real close friend of mine AND it's safe to say he's had a rather successful summer with his records being smashed all over the Amnesia Terrace! 


Ben Remember 

One from the #ToolroomFamily, I literally play 2-3 of his tracks in every one of my sets! If you want a killer record to play then Ben has your back! 


For you, what makes a good DJ set? 

My role as a DJ is to connect people musically and every room/club/night is different and I'll react to them all differently. 

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