Get to know: Remelie

Ahead of her debut at the club in 15th February alongside East End Dubs, we sat down with the young DJ to find out more about her as an artist and see what else is in store for her this year…

The UK has always been a melting pot for young DJs to thrive and craft their own sound. With 2019 well underway, a burgeoning wave of selectors have been billed to play at the club throughout the year, allowing a plethora of emerging talent to bring their sounds to one of the most established dance music institutions in the capital. 

Part of the new generation currently shaping the scene, Remelie makes her Egg debut on 15th February with East End Dubs heading up our Middle Floor. Ahead of the night, we sat down with Remelie to find out more about her as an artist and see what else is in store for her this year… 

How has the last year been for you? 

The last year for me has been a year of progression. I have explored deep into different genres throughout my journey and the most important thing for me right now is that I am comfortable in my sound. 

Is there a particular artist you’re keen to play with this year? 

There are many artists I aspire too, however it's hard to say one, in particular, to play with. Being UK based I am more looking to be on lineups that boast my sound. I have been to parties at TRMNL in Birmingham on the other side of the DJ booth and what a vibe that place is, it’s a party that is on my list to play. 

What do you enjoy about playing in London and the house scene down here? 

It’s actually my debut London show, I have had many offers but my first show had to be right. London is always such a great feeling when I arrive. It’s a raw culture with proper ravers and the after parties are sick! Really excited to be with Egg for my debut. 

Has there been an emerging artist who has caught your eye over the last 12 months? 

Two emerging artists that my sets always have tracks from are fellow crew member Miller and uprising Stoilku. Always quality with these guys! 

What’s next on your radar in terms of gigs and potential releases? 

At the moment I am proud of my journey as an artist behind turntables and I have been working hard to develop. I am working now to play more exclusive shows in each major city, which is now all happening for me... keep an eye out! In terms of production, I’m now incorporating a step by step process and naturally easing into it. 

Leave us with a track which you’re looking forward to playing on our Middle Floor? 

Really looking forward to playing an unreleased track that is in most of my sets right now Real Gang... Soundsystem - Numero Uno (Original Mix) 

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