Get to know: Mat.Joe

Berlin-based duo return to the club on Friday, 31st August to join UK House purveyors Kinnerman and Jess Bays. Ahead of the night, we caught up with them...

Mat.Joe are the Berlin-based duo whose Neukölln backyard studio has been the base for their house, hip-hop and breakbeat influenced productions to come to life. Counting releases on Mother Recordings, ElRow Music, Defected and lots more, Mat and Joe have crafted a crisp sound with notes of funk and soul woven throughout it each beat, marking themselves as artists who can tie in multiple sonic aesthetics to create an engaging, refreshing sound. 

Berlin-based duo return to the club on August 31st for the second instalment of Mr. Afterparty’s ‘Eleventh’ series at the club alongside UK House purveyors Kinnerman and Jess Bays. Ahead of the night, we caught up with Mat.Joe to find out who helped to shape their sound in the early days and how they work together in the studio amongst other things… 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to hook up and start working together? 

Hello EGG London! We met NYE 2006 but already had lots of mutual friends and we both grew up in the skateboarding culture listening to all types of music, mainly Hip Hop, Punk, Funk, Soul and House. 

You both share the same taste in music, can you tell us about some of the Rap artists or tracks that inspired you? 

We still feel inspired by 90s and early 2000s Rap music. Artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Pharrell Williams, DJ Premier, J Dilla, Missy Elliott, DJ Hi-Tek, Pete Rock to name a few... really defined the sound that we represent today, the way we hear it.  

How did you first get into electronic dance music and who inspired you on the decks? Do these influences and tracks reflect in your sound? 

Mat used to go to the legendary club "Stammheim" in Kassel, Germany. It was a really inspiring time, a familiar atmosphere and a perfect introduction into electronic music as many of today’s top acts played there on a regular basis. 

Joe got introduced by all the CDs he got for his birthday or for Christmas. He was already in love with Hip Hop and the sampling technique and that’s when he realised that a similar feeling can be created at higher speeds as well. It definitely reflects in our sound. 

How do you collaborate throwing concepts together to deliver your well-crafted sound? Do you both have separate roles? 

We’re constantly working on sketches and show them to each other asking for feedback. Once we talked about them we just go from there and finish them together. 

What was the first club you guys played together at and were you nervous? Did you have any breakthrough gigs that were game-changing and can you tell us about them? 

The first club was more a bar. It’s called "Frollein Langner" (Miss Langner) and it’s right down the street in Neukölln, very close to the apartment we used to share when we moved to Berlin in 2010. 

We used to bring down our decks every now and then and played for the guests. Of course, we were a bit nervous! Everything else pretty much started from there because we felt more and more comfortable after a while. 

You’ve played in Brazil at Warung and Defected in Ibiza, what are the three best outdoor parties you’ve brought the house down at and what made them so special? 

Lost Beach Club, Montañita (Ecuador) Clearly one of the most magical places we’ve played. Right next to the beach with an incredible sound system and incredible people. It's always extremely exciting to come back! 

Fusion Festival, Lärz (Germany) It’s something else and you really have to go to understand. No branding anywhere and it’s well-organized with a forward-thinking message. You can just lose yourself and enjoy it all. 

Defected Croatia Next week it’s on again! We’ve played last year and it was so much fun to see all the friends/colleagues at one place! Boats, beach, beats. Can’t wait! 

Can you give us 5 tracks that we might expect to hear in your set at Egg LDN? 

ANOTR - Bad Horn

A beast of a track! Love to play it. 

Mat.Joe - On 3rd St

Our new release on Solä Music! 

Bessie Jones - Sometimes (2018 Edit) 

Clearly the best edit so far. The drums are insaaane! 

Mat.Joe - MDMA 

This is our upcoming release on Exploited Ghetto and it reflects the vibes we had on our last Brazil tour. 

Basement Jaxx - Fly Life (Flashmob 2018 Remix) 

The original is super strong already and we love this fresh remix! So well done. 

Finally! What advice would you give to pairing DJ/producers? 

Respect and appreciate each other. Find out who does what and keep it fun when it’s becoming a business.

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