Get to know: Layton Giordani

Ahead of the first Familia of the year, we caught up with Layton to see what he’s been up to lately and what he enjoys about playing in London, New York and beyond…

It’s safe to say Layton Giordani is following a steady upward trajectory which is set to continue well into 2019. Having already collaborated Drumcode boss Adam Beyer and Relief Records head honcho Green Velvet, Layton’s latest production comes in the form of ‘Phase II’, a strong 4 track EP which was released on Drumcode last November. With a slew of monumental and live-streamed shows counting Resistance in Privilege Ibiza, Drumcode festival, Awakenings at Gashouder, Soul Tech festival in Mexico and several appearances at Berlin's Watergate club, it’s clear the New Yorker only plays events of a certain high calibre, further signifying what he’s all about as an educated selector. 

Starting off the first Familia of 2019, Layton Giordani joins us from New York this Saturday along-side the promising Romanian duo Mirror States and Familia’s own resident, Fabio Ferro. 

Ahead of the night, we caught up with Layton to see what he’s been up to lately and what he enjoys about playing in London, New York and beyond… 

Going back to the beginning, you started off your DJ career by playing in Output, New York which then led you to become friends with Adam Beyer. The club closed on New Years Day this year, what was one of your most memorable moments at Output? 

I get asked this all the time. In all honesty, I have so many! But I would probably say it was the night I played with Carl Cox. I went to introduce myself and he gave me a big bear hug and said, Layton! I love your music. My jaw dropped and the night proceeded to be something special! 

Do you find there is a strong contrast between the New York and London techno scenes? 

I think so yes. We’re city people so it makes sense that the crowds are very similar and we’re both known for huge rave scenes. Egg LDN reminds me of the former Cielo, NYC. 

What about London, what do you enjoy about playing in the club and staying in the city itself? 

It has a similar New York ambience but in its own way. I love the crowd, I feel like we connect quite easily, and they feel my vision and sound. We always see eye to eye! Never a dull moment. You created the track ‘Body Language’ after a skateboard accident. 

Do you think there’s any correlation between skateboarding and techno? 

Haha, yep indeed glad I could make that track on my downtime. I think there is some relevance to both for me. I love them and started them both roughly at the same time so usually, when I skate, I’m always listening to beats. So they go hand in hand for me. Then again, I’m always listening to music. 

Your latest EP on Drumcode ‘Phase II’ has been rinsed everywhere, from Berghain to Gashouder. What’s the vision behind the EP? Does it mark a certain point in your life/career right now? 

Phase II just represents the next chapter for me. Some tracks are old, some are new, but they all mark a meaning behind them to form into a nice little package for this Drumcode release. Now that I’m based in Europe, finally I can take it on full steam ahead. You also collaborated with Adam Beyer and Green Velvet for ‘Space Date’ which came out on Drumcode last summer. 

What was the dynamic between you guys in the studio? 

First, let me say working with these guys was an insane dream come true. Both legends and to stir me in the mix was something special. We all travel quite a lot so we just called and emailed each other a ton. We sent little pieces back and forth and shared ideas to finalise the track. To be fair though it came together so fast! I was quite impressed by how fast we finished and released it. 

Looking back at 2018, what were some of the highlights for you on the road? 

So many to choose. Probably would have to start with Gashouder. This was a longtime dream and to see it come to life was amazing. Then Ibiza. I played 3 times in one day and that was the first time I ever played! 

What about this year, what’s next on the horizon? 

More music, lots of more music. Lots more European shows now that I’m here and to keep pushing the envelope as a DJ. I plan on working harder than ever now that I’m fully committed here. I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Most importantly though, I’m focused on enjoying this life and embracing every moment as they come.

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