Get to know: Guido Schneider

We caught up with the illustrious producer ahead of his return to Berlin Berlin this Saturday, 18 August...

With over 10 years of experience producing and DJing in the heart of Berlin, Guido Schneider is an intrinsic part of the city’s electronic music mecca. After soaking up the sounds of EBM back in the early 90s, Schneider cut his teeth into producing his own tracks, bouncing ideas off his fellow producer and friend, Andre Galluzzi, amongst many other like-minded artists who are still on Berlin’s underground circuit today. 

Since Guido had his first vinyl release ‘3-Klang’ on Neue Welten in 1995, he’s released on Poker Flat Recordings, Moon Harbour and Cocoon to name a few - a sure sign that that hard work, dedication and all the risk-taking that comes with pursuing music full time eventually pays off. 

Ahead of his return for Berlin Berlin this Saturday, we caught up with Guido to hear about how certain factors - like visiting Ibiza for the first time - impacted his career… 

Originally from Celle, you released three tunes by the age of 15 (!) and you must have had a very clear idea of what you wanted to do from an early age? Where do you think that came from and who or what inspired you? 

I'm not really sure where it came from but I was inspired/influenced by the electronic body music and industrial music scenes and also by old-school independent bands like Pink Floyd. 

My first contact with techno was in 1992 with the ‘Technoclub’ Compilation and from this moment I went almost every Friday to the ‘Men's Factory’ in Hannover to celebrate this new kind of electronic dance music. The performing local DJ of the club took us under contract for our first three releases. 

You’ve released on Pokerflat, Cocoon, Cadenza, Highgrade as well as on your own Enough! Music imprint. What is your all-time favourite piece of music that you’ve produced and why? 

For sure all the tracks I produce have their own signature sound and they’re made with love, fervour and dedication. I try to build pictures with my tracks and I'm always looking for the icing on the cake. FYI Enough Music is my brother’s label. 

How did the island of Ibiza affect your musical career? 

This island was the beginning of my worldwide career and it took over a lot of my life. But Ibiza gave me the possibility to spread my musical taste all over the world. 

A stalwart of the Berlin techno scene since the 90s, can you tell us about your favourite clubs/shops/people in the city and what makes living there and working on music so unique and special? 

My favourite club is definitely Club der Visionäre. I’ve spent so much time there starting from 2000. We live our music dreams in a consistent way without any deviation. It’s a passion you can only share with special people. 

Can you give us an insight into how your legendary B2B sets developed with Alex Kraemer? 

It was and is always a pleasure to play B2B with Alex Kraemer. I remember one event very well. It was the first of January after New Year’s Eve and we went to the office of CDV above the club to spin some records. It ended up in a 24-hour session with the most fun I’ve ever had. The small office was packed with people over this time. Totally amazing. 

You have strong ties to Andre Galluzzi - a Berlin Berlin and Egg LDN favourite. What projects have you guys worked on together and do you have a personal five? 

I’ve known Andre for a really long time and we produced music years ago when neither of us thought we could make legendary tunes. The music we do is special because of our strong personalities. I think ‘Albertino’ on Cadenza was the biggest track we ever did together. 

What kind of studio set up do you have? 

I’ve used Logic Pro since 1997 on my Mac computer. I had a medium sized Analog studio in the beginning but now all my sounds are coming from the computer. But I have a strong signal way. I break out 32 + channels and summit with an analogue summit device. On each channel, I can put in between an analogue signal device on each channel like EQ's, Compressors etc. I liked the idea of a total recall. 

But your main instruments are the speakers. That's the most important part in your studio for a good mix. 

How do u see the Berlin scene in 5 years - do you think gentrification will have as strong an effect as it has in London and its club scene? 

Gentrification is the dark cloud of a city. It's to difficult to handle it. But there are clubs that try to be resistant. 

On another note, what do you do in your free time in Berlin - things outside of music? 

Walking in a park with my dog. I like cooking and trying out restaurants. I like the lakes around Berlin and experience Berlin from the water side. I like all the small theatres and independent entertainers. 

With new releases ’Micro Vocal EP’ and Soul Converter’ scheduled for release, what else is upcoming from you for the rest of the year? 

My remix for Marcus Homm on Still Hot Berlin just came out but my favourite track at the moment is the Remix of Kyle E’s ‘Wavetable’ on What Came First. ‘Liquide Summer’ is coming finally with very nice remixes by Martin Buttrich and DJ Ostrich. 


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