Get to know: Fatima Hajji

We sat down with Silver M label boss...

An unstoppable force of nature in the electronic music realm, Fatima Hajji’s energy alone is one of the most magnetic traits about the Spanish born producer. An entrepreneur, composer, multiple label boss and self-confessed animal and nature lover, Hajji’s dedicated work ethic and bright disposition has taken her to Ibiza, Berlin, Austria and many more over the last couple of years.

Moving from a sound which covered fast-paced, hardcore rhythms with an unabashed aesthetic - previously showcased on her Standbite imprint in 2013 - Hajji’s current sound incorporates powerful and rolling melodies which touch on her Arabic roots, whilst still remaining as captivating and high octane as ever.

Silver M supports and releases the latest sonic endeavours from Hajji and as the founder of the label, the Spaniard makes her Egg LDN debut alongside fellow Silver M affiliates Fabio Neural, F. Miele and D. Sides coming up on March 3rd. Catching up with her ahead of the show, we sat down with Hajji to talk everything from the secrets of surviving an extended set to the history behind her diverse labels….

Your social media platforms are well documented with pictures of your travel-heavy lifestyle. Where in the world are you right now and what are you up to today?

Just now I'm in the mountains near Madrid at home with the whole pack, 2 dogs and 2 cats. It's the place where I can get totally relaxed and where my studio is. It's a proper place to work during the week.

Today is Monday so I'm supposed to have a day off but rarely I get it. It's a great thing to travel a lot and discover amazing places and also great people everywhere I go, so I'm very grateful to have this life and to do what I love; playing my music and making people happy with it. It's simply wonderful.

Tell us about your ‘Silver M’ imprint and event series? What’s the sound of the label and who are the artists you’re releasing with at the moment and why?

The label is an extension of what I want to show as a musician. It lets me release my own music in my own way and also to release music from some of my favourite producers. The Techno scene has given me a lot so I think it's fair to give it back the maximum with passion and also try to help new names through our new Eclipse series.

About the events, I started as DJ nearly 20 years ago, and a few years later I tried to learn how to produce my own music, it was a slow but emotional and amazing path, and every day I can learn new things and I'm more satisfied with my own sound. Many producers have been on a similar journey but in reverse, and some of the best new producers don't have the chance to play so often, so the events are planned to support those producers who support the label with their superb music.

How does your other label ‘Standbite’ differ to Silver M?

Standbite was my first label, it has been on standby for some years. The sounds we released used to be harder and faster (like how I used to play in the past) than the sound I'm involved with right now. It was a great part of my career where I can do loads of nice things, I'm really proud of this stage of my artistic life. Now what I'm doing with Silver M is just what I want and feel I have to focus all my energy on. To keep doing Stompy and energetic techno to make the people dance and be happy. It's a thing of feelings and to do what you want to do at each moment.

There’s a clear influence of your Arabic roots and Spanish upbringing in your productions, especially ‘Fiestah Techno Go’ [Taikatta] and ‘Bowman’ [Standbite Music]. How do you create these elements in the studio?

I used to start those tracks with the vocals, working over what inspires me. With Bowman I used a lyric from a Brazilian Favelas song called Rap das Armas by Cidinho & Doca, I listened for the first time on the film Elite Squad, I was impressed with the energy. Once I heard the lyric I couldn't get it out of my head, some weeks after I found an acapella vinyl by chance so I knew I had to start with the track. With FiestaH I had goosebumps with the first seconds of this vocal, so the rest came easy. The other voice who said 'Techno go' was me with a reverb and a delay.

You’ve been known to play extended sets for up to six hours in the past. What’s your approach to preparing an extended set both physically and mentally?

Yes, I like playing extended sets so much if the place has the proper conditions to do it, it's not easy but when it works it's a unique experience. The days prior to a set like this I try to organise the tracks but once in the club it all changes and I try to follow the vibe of the people to give them what I think is needed for each moment, so it needs a bit of extra concentration mixed with intuition and, of course, to let it go with the flow.

Physically, I try to be totally relaxed the day before (not a thing I can always do but I try, and the main tip is not to drink too many liquids while playing )

Leave us with three tracks from artists you’ve got your eye on this year?

Sabotage - Einhorn (DE) - Pots

Wave - Drumcomplex - SILVER M

Fractions - Slam - Soma Records

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