Get to know: Earth Trax

Ahead of his appearance this Saturday with James Zabiela, Harrison BDP and Luther Vine, we caught up with the Polish producer...

Over the past three years, prolific Polish producer Earth Trax has been crafting an emotive sound which has been homed on labels like Phonica, Emotional Response, Lost Palms and more. 

Keen to support flourishing talent from the international circuit, Earth Trax will make his Egg LDN debut this Saturday, 2nd February with James Zabiela, Harrison BDP and our own Luther Vine on support. We wanted to get to know a little more about the producer so we sat down with him ahead of the night to find out more about the Polish scene and what’s next for him this year… 

We’re curious about your moniker Earth Trax, what does it mean? 

Some of my previous releases had a lot of environmental and nature tropes. At the same time, I was very influenced by labels that release club tools, there's something very industrial and mechanical about it. 

What’s the electronic music scene like in Poland? Are there any Polish artists who are making a strong impact on the screen at the moment? 

It's pretty complex and kind of more DIY, less institutionalised. I like Brutaż, Lutto Lento, Olivia, Dextre, Zaumne, Huragan, FOQL. 

If we were to spend a day in Poland, where would you recommend for record shopping and going for food before heading out to a particular venue for electronic music? 

SideOne in Warsaw for records. Bar Pacyfik for food and drinks. 

What about your own journey in electronic music, have you got any particular releases coming out or certain gigs you’re hyped about? 

We're starting our own label with Private Press - called Ziemia (Earth). There's a new EP for Phonica Records scheduled for spring. And there are three downtempo albums coming out soon on Growing Bin, Into The Light and Emotional Response from London. 

Leave us with a released track you’re likely to play this weekend in our Middle Floor

Earth Trax + Newborn JR - If You Ft. Annjet (Club Mix)

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