Get to know: Bella Sarris

Returning to our Middle Floor on September 1st alongside Sammy Dee, Azimute and more, we caught up with the Australian artist...

Imagine working as a fresh-faced newcomer for a season in Ibiza. You get there, find a job working in PR for a dance music brand - something that’s fairly common for season workers on the White Isle - and Ritchie Hawtin’s team offer you a DJ residency at Space. 

It seems highly unlikely but not in the case of Bella Sarris, who didn’t even tell Hawtin she was a DJ. Sarris was just 18 when she went to Ibiza for the first time and fully immersed herself into the thriving club culture the island is renowned for. 

Working for Hawtin’s Enter team, later on, Sarris became part of Enter’s close-knit family before a member of his team mentioned her fledgeling skills as a selector behind the decks. Since then, a lot has changed for the Australian artist. 

After a full run in Space every Thursday for the brand, Sarris has moved homes, shifted her sound and become one of the most stand-out names on the electronic realm thanks to a slew of international shows covering Berlin, Porto, New York, Tbilisi and lots more. Sharing her billings with the likes of Avalon Emerson, Thomas Melchior, tINI and Traumer, Sarris’s trajectory is on a positive curve which shows no signs of plateauing. 

Returning to our Middle Floor on September 1st alongside Sammy Dee, Azimute and more, we caught up with Sarris to see what she’s been up to recently and what she enjoys about playing in London… 

What have you been up to over the last few months? 

Went to Stockholm to make music. Fell in love. Moved my life here.

What made you fall in love with Stockholm and do you miss Berlin or Sydney?

I’m lucky enough to have access to one of the best studios here. It’s time for me to be creative and for me, the lifestyle here is much better for that. I miss Berlin every day, but I can dip in and out any time I want. Who knows, maybe I’ll move back one day, but for now, I’m happy here.  

I miss Sydney food, wine and coffee but I can always find spots where I can get my fix ;) So you’re currently settling into Stockholm life at the moment but looking at your Instagram, it’s full photos which show your appreciation for decent wine and good food back in Berlin. 

Where were your favourite spots in Berlin to enjoy the finer things in life? 

Briefmarken, Mugrabi, Mrs. Robinson, Lode & Stijn. 

This is the second time you’ll be playing for us, what do you like about playing in London and here at the club itself? 

I’m half English, so coming to London always feels like coming to another home. I’ve always loved playing and hanging there. People rave pretty hard at Egg, it’s a fun party.  

You’ve come along way since getting your first residency at Richie Hawtin’s Enter night at the now-defunct Space club in Ibiza… What would you tell your younger self ahead of the journey you’re in the middle of now? Any advice for what to prepare or look out for? 

Be yourself, not what people want you to be. 

How do you think your sound has evolved since playing for Enter. ? 

Faster, dirtier. 

Leave us with a track that you’re itching to play on September 1st? 

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