Berlin's Finest: DJ Jauche

Ahead of his return to Berlin Berlin this Saturday, Oliver shares five artists who also base themselves in his home city of Berlin...

DJ Jauche aka Oliver Marquardt has been a fundamental part of the Berlin’s electronic music scene over the last decade. After watching the Break Dance Film "Beat Street” in East Berlin back 1984 - a film which permeated the city's isolated music scene - Marquardt began to hone his DJing skills throughout Berlin’s illegal warehouse rave parties and dip his toe into creating a warm, inviting sound which falls under the sound spectrum of House. 

Ahead of his return to Berlin Berlin this Saturday, 20th October for the Halloween Special edition of the night, Oliver shares five artists who also base themselves in his home city of Berlin and explains why each one sonically resonates with him… 

Kid Paul 

Kid Paul was a DJ of the first generation who played house and techno in Berlin. In his early years, he started with own productions and has stopped his career in 1994. 

He had the opinion that is likely his most famous track: 

Energy 52 – Cafe del Mar 

Andre Lodermann 

I´ve known Andre since the early 90s. He had been working for a long time with youngsters and has started being successful relatively late with his fabulous productions. 2018 he released his new album. 

Oliver Dollar 

I met this guy in the late 90s. Back then I have released one of his first records on my label. Nowadays Oliver Dollar is worldwide, in-demand DJ and producer and is at the moment releasing his new album. 

Sven Weisemann 

I value Sven for his music, DJ skills and his sense of humour. He is one of the few DJs who is completely devoting himself behind the turntables, conducting and is intuitively always very good at what he is doing. 

Cab Divers 

Daniel and Jens are two guys I have also known since the early 1990s. We have often played at the same parties and they are both coming up with a great sound and are now producing fab, groovy house music. Here is one their latest tracks, together with Chez Damier. 


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