Selected Cuts: Thugf**ker

Life and Death co-founder shares five selected cuts with us ahead of his appearance on 16th June alongside Warung residents...

12 Jun 2018

Get to know: Buntu & Samantha Blackburn

We caught up SA born, London based talent Samantha Blackburn who is gearing up to host our Loft with Buntu on 30th June...

06 Jun 2018

The Spirit of Warung: Leo Janeiro

Warung resident shares ten tracks with us that have remained the spirit of the renowed beach club since he first stepped through its doors in 2009…

04 Jun 2018

Influences: Santé

Returning to Egg London for a headline slot alongside East End Dubs and Brett Gould on 15th June, Santé shares five of his influences with us...

01 Jun 2018

Under The Radar: Marco Faraone

Faraone shares five burgeoning artists from the motherland...

31 May 2018

Get to know: Gary Beck

Coming up to Familia’s August instalment, we caught up with Beck to see what he’s up to at the moment...

25 May 2018

Get to know: Audiojack

We spoke with the Ibiza based duo as they prepare to return to club this Friday alongside Josh Butler and Mark Jenkyns...

23 May 2018

Back To Mine: Eli Iwasa

Warung’s new resident has selected five records, covering a plethora of genres which have shaped her delectable taste

21 May 2018

Selected Cuts: Luca Agnelli

Etruria Beat label boss shared five selected cuts with us...

21 May 2018

Selected Cuts: Rudosa

Manchester based producer brings a discernible library of the latest electronic cuts...

20 May 2018

Under The Radar: Mark Jenkyns

Ahead of his return to Egg with Josh Butler & Audiojack on 25th May, Jenkyns shares five artists that are currently under his sonic radar...

17 May 2018

Influences: Josh Butler

Butler returns to our Middle Floor once again to carry out a strenuous workout on our KV2 system on 25th May with his Origins brand...

16 May 2018

Get to know: Anna Tur

We caught up with Ibiza resident ahead of her set at DJ Mag Sessions pres. Sight

15 May 2018

Selected Cuts: Dave DK

German producer shares five tracks with us which emulate his current sonic mood...

15 May 2018

Get to know: Layton Giordani

Returning to the club this weekend with Deborah De Luca and Weska for Familia’s May instalment, we caught up with the man himself...

09 May 2018

Selected Cuts: ANOTR

Known for their uplifting, spirited selections of chunky house and pumping tech house, the pair picked five tracks for us...

08 May 2018

Selected Cuts: Weska

Returning to Egg LDN on May 12th alongside Deborah De Luca and Layton Giordani, Weska shares five tracks he’s into ahead of the show…

08 May 2018

Happy 15th Birthday to us!

We look back over the years and celebrate some of the club’s pivotal moments with a handful of artists who we consider family and friends...

01 May 2018

Egg London Staff Picks

15 Years Birthday Special

30 Apr 2018


We’re taking part in this year’s Record Store Day...

20 Apr 2018

Selected Cuts: Fidelity Kastrow | Sisyphos

Kastrow joins Saturday’s Berlin Berlin line-up and ahead of the show, she’s shared five selected cuts with us from her teeming collection of slamming tracks…

18 Apr 2018

Egg London Birthday Competition!

Win 1 year Free Entry to Egg LDN events, 1 Night Stay Malmaison London, Bestival, SW4, Dimensions, Outlook Festival Tickets, DJ Mag Subscription and more...

18 Apr 2018

Inside Egg: Solo Pizza

Operating on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights at the club, we chat to team behind Solo Pizza...

17 Apr 2018

Get to know: Kiasmos | Janus Rasmussen

Joining us on April 28th for DJ Mag Sessions alongside Woo York and Baikal, Janus will illustrate the sound of Kiasmos...

13 Apr 2018

Selected Cuts: Woo York

Ahead of their live set on 28th April, Andrew and Dennis share five selected cuts with us which have resonated with them since carving a career they’ve dedicated a significant portion of their lives to…

04 Apr 2018

Get to know: Gerry Read

From Berghain to butchers... We caught up with Read ahead of his Egg LDN debut alongside Robag Wruhme and Gunjah...

02 Apr 2018

Get to know: Mason Maynard

Gaining support from house music heavyweights like Pete Tong, Green Velvet, it was only a matter of time before Maynard caught our attention...

28 Mar 2018

Selected Cuts: Toni Varga

Sharing a taste of what’s to come, Varga picks five selected cuts for us ahead of his aappearance at Egg LDN...

22 Mar 2018

Get to know: Doorly

Doorly returns to Egg LDN accompanied by ‘2 old pals’ 2manydjs on Friday 23rd March. We caught up with him ahead of the show ...

19 Mar 2018

Easter @ Egg LDN

19 Mar 2018

Selected Cuts: Thomas Schumacher

German techno powerhouse has shared five selected cuts ahead of his set at Egg LDN on 31st March...

15 Mar 2018

Get to know: Wehbba

We chat to the Brazilian selector before touching down in Kings Cross on 31st March...

15 Mar 2018

Selected Cuts: The Advent

Ahead of his return to Egg LDN on 24th March, The Advent shares five selected cuts from his library...

14 Mar 2018

Get to know: Huxley

Ahead of his Egg LDN return on 16th March alongside Secondcity and his highly anticipated release HuxCOIN EP, we caught up with the man himself...

13 Mar 2018

Egg London Staff Picks

It’s Monday and here at Egg LDN HQ, we’ve decided to share the tracks that we love and are on our current sonic radar..

12 Mar 2018

Get to know: 7XINS

We chat to London based, live electronic producer on the rise...

10 Mar 2018

The Evolution Of Women In The Global Dance Music Scene

Worthy advice from the leading personalities in the electronic sphere…

08 Mar 2018

Selected Cuts: Bella Sarris

Allowing an insight into her robust sonic library, Sarris has shared five selected cuts with us ahead of her Egg LDN debut for Familia this Saturday…

06 Mar 2018

Get to Know: Ramiro Lopez

We caught up with Lopez to find out where he’s at after starting such an unpredictable journey...

04 Mar 2018

Selected Cuts: Ilario Alicante

Cocoon Hero picks 5 tracks that helped him shape his musical tastes...

27 Feb 2018

Selected Cuts: Tiga

With a sound that covers everything from bleepy techno to warm, fuzzy electro, Tiga’s selected tracks are as varied the man himself...

26 Feb 2018

Get to know: Fatima Hajji

We sat down with Silver M label boss...

26 Feb 2018

Selected Cuts: Fabio Florido

Techno powerhouse shares five cuts with us which illustrate his current sonic state of mind...

19 Feb 2018

Get to know: VVerses | Chapter24 Records

Welcoming the collective back to Egg on 24th February, we caught up with Marcus and Sam who produce and mix under the alias ‘VVerses’

17 Feb 2018

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14 Feb 2018

The Advent - Valiant Keys EP (Inc. Egbert remix) [What Came First]

Techno titan, The Advent delivered a special birthday release for us...

13 Feb 2018

Get to know: Jesse Perez

We caught up with the brutally honest selector and jackin’ house crafter ahead of his Egg LDN return on 16th February alongside Sonny Fodera and MANT...

13 Feb 2018

Get to know: PAWSA

We caught up with the tasteful tech house don to see what he’s up to at the moment and his thoughts on London’s current electronic scene…

12 Feb 2018

Get to know: Hoj

We caught up with the man behind the dreamy label & collective, All Day I Dream…

08 Feb 2018

Get to know: The Magician

Catching up with the man himself ahead of his Egg LDN performance, Fasano shares what’s on the horizon for 2018 and an insight to his own long-running experience of playing in the White Isle over the last decade…

07 Feb 2018

Selected Cuts: Georgia Girl

The established artist took on the task to pick just five tracks from her overflowing record bag to give us a glimpse into her current mood…

07 Feb 2018