Selected Cuts: Projekt Gestalten

Contextualising pornography in its usual sense while showing that explicit sexual content can be considered art, Berlin-based collective Pornceptual host the Middle Floor with Sciarada and Projekt Gestalten, blending their trademark sound of rolling techno and ambient electronica all night long.

Ahead of this, Projekt Gestalten has picked five of his selected cuts to give us a taste of things to come before his set at Berlin Berlin, December 30th. 

Developer - Olympian (Volume 1.1) - Olympian


I really like the quirkiness of the horns in the background contrasting with the aggressive drums and hypnotic synths. A very classy tune. There are also 3 other variations in the vinyl that I may play as well. 

SLV - Meteor - Virgo 


One of my favourite modern techno tracks to play at the moment. The kick sounds so warm and, at the same time, it pounds so hard in big sound systems. 

The Rising Soons - Midex II - EXperimental 


A very classic acid track with a trancey groove very well programmed. 

Planet Soul - Set U Free (Fever Mix) - Strictly Rhythm 


I like to play some classics from the 90's. I heard this song so much when I was a kid and brings me nice memories. Plus, I love the electro breakdown, the acid lines and the switch back to techno again: everything I love wrapped in one single track! 

Projekt Gestalten - The Fight, The Victory, The Death - Ritual Records 


Of course, I would not leave out one of my own productions. This one is very close to my heart as it was my first track ever released on vinyl. It's an acid track with some dramatic build-ups. The inspiration for it, as well as the video, were taken from the movie "Orca, The Killer Whale" - a very trashy B-movie from the 70's which I watched a lot when I was a kid and with a decent haunting soundtrack composed by the Italian master, Ennio Morricone (the name of the track is also borrowed from one of his pieces in the official soundtrack).