Selected Cuts: BEC

You know you’re onto something when Pan-Pot rushes to welcome you into their Second State roster of world-renowned artists. In the case of BEC, the Berlin-based duo saw the shining talent emanating from the young producer from Brighton and quickly snapped her up to provide a solid platform in order to fully launch her sonic career.

Becoming a firm favourite with industry and dance music lovers alike, BEC soon graced the decks of a plethora of international clubs from Cape Town to Colombia. As well as an affirmed selector and highly skilled mixer, BEC’s Second State production library includes a blend of essential peak time providers like the punchy ‘Law of Attraction’ and the sultry ‘Two Tones’.

Sharing five selected cuts with us ahead of her Egg LDN debut this Saturday, BEC’s educated ear in dark, moody techno is clearly shown as she celebrates a range of pumping tracks from the likes of Keith Carnal to Florian Meindl.

Florian Meindl - Space Traveller (Lucy Remix) [FLASH Recordings]

I'm in love with this track. The title is so fitting, my mind wanders when I listen to it and it does feel like I'm floating through time and space. The breakbeat drums really top it off, love love love. 


BEC - T-ime (Original Mix) [Second State]

I'm always playing my latest release on Second State, and this is my favourite track of the EP. Even though it was my least favourite at first! 


Lathe - Angular Momentum (Original Mix) [Be As One]

I've got a thing for tracks that use raw sine waves as the main focus. There's something so simple yet effective about it. I love when the percussion starts to build around the bleeping, a real energy is created. Especially on super nice, booming sound systems! 


Keith Carnal - Sawmill (Original Mix) [A R T S]

I really admire the sound from Keith Carnal, and also the sound of A R T S as a label. So this one is a win-win situation! 


Insolate - Desamour (Original Mix) [Monocline Records]

This is a track I love to play towards the end of a set. It's very ravey, has a classic feel but yet still modern.