Re.You Interview

Beats, bread and baking, we catch up with Re.You.

Re.You join's us 16.9.17 alongside Davide Squillace and Basti Grub as part of the 'This and That' showcase. Tickets available Here.

Where are you right now and what are you doing?


Right now, I'm on the train to Munich Airport to fly to Geneva in Switzerland. Mostly I use the time to finish some work. So I'm listening to some music and answering questions for you.


You won the German youth basketball championship, before suffering a career ending injury. Are you still a fan of the game? Can you imagine an alternate dimension where you carried on playing sport?


Of course, I still love to watch it and I also like to play if there is some time in my schedule. It was always my dream to become a professional player but in the end, I'm happy as it is now. I wouldn't be travelling the world with my music – I'm satisfied with my situation. I also have a little anecdote about that topic. I played a gig at Cookies Club in Berlin - an old friend was joining the party. He came up to the DJ booth and we were talking for a while. I was super excited to see him after a very long time. He told me: "Wow you made it, you play in one of my favourite clubs here in Berlin!" I, on the other hand, said: "What? Did I make it? Really? Look at you, you play for my favourite basketball team in Germany (he played for Alba Berlin and became a professional player)!". We both laughed and had a drink together.


Were you already into electronic music before the injury? How did you get involved with the Keinemusik crew?

I already started to produce when I was still active as a basketball player but there was not really much time between sports and school. Some sketches already existed back then. The Keinemusik crew, Puhhh let me think. I met Rampa about 8 years ago at a gig in Berlin and in the very first moment we were just like "Let's go to the studio together!" before we even get to know each other a little more - the next day we went to the studio right away and started with our first track "Work" which came out on Keinemusik. We became a good team as we have similar taste in music.  Shortly afterwards we decided to bring our project RAR into being. So I was hanging out a lot at the Keinemusik studios.

Describe your relationship with Rampa and how important it’s been to your career starting out. Do you still work together much now?

Yes, I would say Rampa and the Tiefschwarz brothers were the key persons when I started my career. Gregor (Rampa) helped me a lot to develop my own sound. Right now, we're focusing on our solo projects. Maybe someday we'll work again together.


Your label Younion has just reached its third release. Can you tell the ethos behind it? Who are the artists that you're shared space with?

The label originated in my events which I started two years ago in my hometown Ulm. I invited other appreciated artists and friends to soundtrack the night with me. So just like the events, I'm carefully considering two or three innovative artists to join me on a deep, hypnotic audio adventure. I'm very happy that I have names like Ruede Hagelstein, Tiefschwarz and Terranova on board so far.


You also have a new project with Floyd Lavine. Can you tell us more about this and how it came about?


We wanted to do a video project called “from Berlin to Capetown” and I was thinking to feature Floyd on this story. So we met for a coffee in Berlin and talked about it. In the end, the production didn't happen but we became friends. Ever since we wanted to do music together so I just sent him some ideas and vice versa.

What else does the future hold?

I have a remix coming up for Dapayk & Padberg. Then there is a release coming on Cacao records, a label from Panama with remixes by Tiefschwarz and Doctor Dru. I'm really looking forward to that. Of course, another Younion is planned for this year but I don't want to talk too much about that. As I mentioned before I finished a release with Floyd Lavine – so there will be something to look out for in the next months.


Name three tracks (with YouTube/SoundCloud links) that sum up what you're likely to play?


DJ Koze – Mrs Bojangles


Tiefschwarz & Ruede Hagelstein – Jetlag


Sebbo – Elephanze ce Danze


Tell us something about you that fans won't know already. (each of you? Re.You is just one person?)


I love to cook and bake bread.