Layton Giordani Interview

With a Drumcode album forthcoming and an appearance at Egg Presents this Saturday, we spoke to the youthful US producer...

At just 24, American Layton Giordani is the freshest faced talent on Drumcode. Having been affiliated with the label since 2014, when he launched his career with the Manhattan-inspired ‘Rivington’, this year marks a huge step up thanks to the February 27th release of’Where It Begins’, his debut 12-track album on the label. 

Playing Egg Present this Saturday 18th we spoke to the young DJ/producer to find out more about this project.

An album on Drumcode is a pretty big deal. Did you approach this project any differently to how you'd record an EP?

Yeah, it’s still surreal to me. To be honest, whatever mood I'm in really results in the vibe of the production I make. It’s really a collection of my work for about two years.

You're only 24. How did you get to where you are so young?

Locking myself in the studio since age 15 and never stopping! My best advice is just to really push hard and never give up. Things happen to those who are persistent in what they love. 

Your early releases were alongside Tony Rohr. How did that working relationship develop?

Well, he's also from New York and we met a few years ago through a mutual friend. He really taught me a lot, most of all to be open minded. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and talk regularly.

Deadmau5 was apparently an early advocate who played. Was that out of the blue?  

Yeah, it was super cool! I’m a big fan of Joel’s creativity. I just got lucky that he heard the tune and it’s pretty much made been one of the key tracks in his DJ sets for over two years now. 

Another early break was releasing on Intec with the blessing of Carl Cox. How did that relationship come about? Is he still a supporter?

Ah yes, again I was just sending off music to them through email. Sooner or later something hooked and then I ended up playing with them at Output, Brooklyn. I’d hope he's still a supporter considering he's one of the guys who helped pave the way. 

How does New York nightlife compare now to when you first started going out? Under Mayor Giuliani it sounds like there was a wave of club closures which you must have grown up in.

I think the NYC nightlife is still great, but not as good as it was for me at least a few years back. Also, when Rob Fernandez passed away - the best promoter in NYC - a lot has slowed down. He had the keys to NYC nightlife for throwing events and I don’t think anyone could ever replace him.

When and why did you move to Amsterdam? Has it helped your career?

I just moved here actually, about two months ago. I’ve always wanted to move to Europe. As you know techno is booming here and I'm a big fan of Amsterdam's way of life. So it all worked out perfectly. It has helped my career a bunch. It would be impossible to tour every weekend in Europe living in New York. It’s too far to fly.

What is the best surprise about living there and the biggest thing you miss about America?

The fact everyone is so welcoming. I thought everyone hates Americans, but I guess when I say I'm from New York the give me a pass, lol! Everyone speaks English too, so it’s great for me transition wise.  The thing I miss most about America is really just the familiarity and my family/friends.

Tell us something about yourself that none of your fans will know.

Aside from being a techno DJ/Producer, I’m a big fan of tech-house and also hip-hop and electronica! 

Name three tracks that sum up what we can expect from you at Egg.

Ilario Alicante - 'Virgo Storm' (Cocoon)

Metodi Hristov, Artslaves - 'Flip Trip' (Set About)

Victor Ruiz - Red Lights (Bart Skills Motor Speedway Rework) | (Senso Sounds)

Get full info and tickets for the party here.