Lady Starlight: Selected Cuts

Evoking sharp descriptions, Lady Starlight shares five tracks with us ahead of her live show this weekend.

Evoking sharp descriptions of her selected cuts, Lady Starlight shares five belting tracks with us ahead of her live show this weekend, set in the shadowy confines of Cell 200.

Hammering stabs from techno stalwarts like Jeff Mills and Underground Resistance make an appearance, while a nod to the more eerie side of hard techno shows in the form of murky melodies from Jeroen Search and Surgeon, the latter known as Starlight's regular live accomplice. 

Preparing for her debut collaborative as 'Black:Star' with Black Asteroid, we can be assured their overwhelming amount of tech gear will receive a relentless workout throughout the night.

You can still grab tickets here.

Jeff Mills - Jerical

Best use of the start/stop. 


Underground Resistance - Moor Horseman on Bolarus

Best use of a gong/crash cymbal.


Jeroen Search - Thin

Most efficient. 


Surgeon - Prowler 

Best use of discomfort

Regis - Ital 

Rudest kick drum.