In depth: Pornceptual

Contextualising pornography in its usual sense while showing that explicit sexual content can be considered art, Berlin-based collective Pornceptual will host the Middle Floor with Sciarada and Projekt Gestalten, blending their trademark sound of rolling techno and ambient electronica all night long for Berlin Berlin on 30th December. The creator of Pornceptual, Chris Phillips tells us more about the concept and how it was born...

Currently the toast of Berlin’s clubbing scene with your Pornceptual events, what made you first decide to throw parties and what’s different about your events?

Our events started as a way of bringing our website and our vision to life. They have been an integral part of our growth and an excellent way of introducing new people to what Pornceptual is about. Our nights are unique because no Pornceptual night is ever the same. We curate each party by a different theme which inspires everything from the dress code to the art installations you will find around the club.

Chris phillips

What does a typical night at a Pornceptual party entail and what should I be wearing?

A Pornceptual night is all about sexual freedom. We aim to create a safe space for sex where guests can express their sexuality and fantasies. Although we encourage dressing in fetish gear, in underwear or naked, our guests are free to get creative in any way they feel comfortable.

What’s the dynamic between the DJs and the performers and how did you assemble the team currently working together?

Everyone involved plays a key part in creating the right atmosphere. A Pornceptual party isn’t only about the music; it’s also a visual experience. We collaborate with different artists from the Berlin underground scene, and our team is part of this diverse international community.

Encouraging people to be open and to experiment with their sexuality, why do you think it’s crucial in these difficult times to ‘Expand your gastronomic sexual horizons and get away the conventional western culture’s menu’?

Conservative views and right-wing politics are on the rise. They spread misconceptions and manipulate people into believing that there is only a particular way that sex can be enjoyed. We go against this and fight for diversity.

How do you find performing at the Berlin Berlin party at Egg Ldn and what do you think London can learn from the Berlin scene?

It’s a pleasure to be involved in such a great night! We would love to bring a little taste of the Berlin sexual freedom to London.

5 Tracks that sum up the essence of Pornceptual?

Floorplan - Never Grow Old

Curses - Jetzt Oder Nie (Sebastian Voigt Remix)

Norman Nodge - NN 7.4

Jamaica Suk - Trusst

The Black Madonna - Stay