The London group talk Ibiza, sharing the studio and cleaning abilities

London based HOUSEKEEPING first joined forces back in 2012 fusing their style of deep, soulful, vocal and melodic vibes before instantly attracting a loyal following of electric music lovers worldwide to see them rise through the ranks. 

Now firmly nestled in the UK’s house and techno scene, the group have developed a solid presence on the Balearic Isle with shows in respected venues like Blue Marlin and Hï Ibiza amongst other European shows over the last year.

Sharing their billings with the likes of Cassy, Dusky, Joris Voorn and Kolsch, it’s only fitting to welcome HOUSEKEEPING back to Egg LDN after a busy summer to play alongside Adam Shelton B2B Subb-an, Alex & Digby and more coming up 23rd September

We spoke to the guys ahead of the night to dig into the history of HOUSEKEEPING and how exactly they work together despite the squeeze in the studio… 

There are four of you in HOUSEKEEPING. Who are you all and how do you all know one another?

We are all good friends who met in London and partied together in Ibiza – 2 are born and bred here, one from the US and one from Sweden. We shared a passion for music and fun and decided to pursue it together. 

Is it true that you started out in the West End? It's not an area many people in London probably go out in anymore. Where were you and what kind of reception did you get?

We started out in the West End in London because that’s where we went out and that’s where our connections were when we were starting out. The reception we got for our first gig blew us away, as so many club owners told us that our genre of music wouldn’t work. We were finally given a chance and we produced the biggest grossing night in the club’s history on our first attempt. 

Four people is quite a squeeze in the studio and DJ booth, without mentioning the plane tickets to get you all to a gig abroad. What is your the dynamic making/playing tunes? Do you all have different skill and if so what are they?

In the studio we very much have our owns styles and preferred methods of working – so while there will be some input from the others, the songs we produce will always be one person’s vision. DJing is a bit easier and depending on the format of the night we switch it up. Shorter sets usually mean b2b, while longer formats allow us to be more creative with how we split the time in the booth. 

You've had a pretty busy summer in Ibiza. Can you tell us what you've been up to and what some of the highlights have been? Have you been living out there? 

We’ve been incredibly busy this summer in Ibiza – with numerous gigs at both Hi Ibiza and Ushuaia. In addition, we’ve had several gigs in Mykonos and continue to do stuff in London throughout as well. We are closing the Caravan stage at The Social Festival outside of London at the end of Sept.

What are some of the other stand out moments of the last year? 

Playing the closing set on NYE on the beach in Trancoso, Brazil in front of thousands of screaming Brazilian girls was pretty tough one to beat.

Tell us about Housekeeping Records. How long has it been going for? What have been the key releases? And have you actually released any actual records? 

Housekeeping Records was started about two years ago as a response to our experiences being signed to a big label. They were so restrictive about the music we were releasing and we just felt that in order to truly put our best foot forward in the industry we needed complete creative control.

In addition to that, the key releases so far have been the One Eye - Housekeeping, Music Off from the Badin Brothers and Best Friend, Worst Enemy - Housekeeping ft Jacobi.  We have released a limited edition vinyl for Music Off.

How are you actual housekeeping skills? 

Poor to very poor. 

What does the future hold?

We hope to continue to expand and grow the brand. We would love to take the style of events we do in London and take it to Europe, USA and beyond. 

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