Get to know: Rossko

We caught with the man himself to delve deeper the mind of a healer selector and collector...

Rossko has been an integral part of London’s infamous house and techno scene for over a decade, from starting out as a grime MC on illegal Pirate radio Fm stations in London before discovering the world of house and techno in his late teens. Since then, the producer has experienced a meteoric rise firmly establishing his status as a respected electronic producer and selector.

Known for his clandestine 'Cerca Trova' parties held in intimate illegal basements and warehouses from 2006, Rossko built a palpable, emotive sound combined with deft mixing skills before releasing on Fuse London, Arkityp, and future releases on Djebali Records. Earning his place in the industry thanks to a long-running Fuse residency, Rossko has become a much-loved staple across London, Ibiza and beyond. Armed with a relentless library spanning obscure house to deep, slick techno, the producer has shared his sounds across the world.

Coming up to his Egg LDN debut on January 20th alongside the Unusual Suspects, we caught with Rossko himself to delve deeper into the mind of a healer, selector and collector...

Your Resident Advisor bio includes many descriptions of what kind of person you are, like ‘music head’, ‘raver’ and ‘record collector’. Please explain the ‘healer’ description...are you a healer of sorts?

I had a Reiki session in Ibiza a few years back when I was living there in the winter and the lady told me I have strong energies (I remember a pulse of energy going across my face when she was putting some crystals above me - she actually had to leave the room for a moment! I guess you have to be into these things to understand).

Anyways she said to me after a reading that she had the vision I heal people with sound amongst other things. This made perfect sense to me being a DJ and playing music to people. I’m a very kinesthetic person, sound is a healer. We do this already in sport with machines that repair muscle injuries, so something clicked inside me from that day onwards, especially as I am very curious about sound design as well my other hobbies like researching ancient civilisations that write and depict the importance of sound.

You grew up on a diet of jungle and garage and were MCing by the age of 14. When did house and techno come into your life?

House and techno came around when I was 20 years old. The cliché first visit to Space, DC10 and Pacha and everything ‘changed’ applies to me also. It was just a natural progression for me. It’s like marmite you either love it or hate it. I was lucky back then to see many amazing DJ’s from all genres of house and techno, the standards and qualities were much higher than they are today.

Tell us about your previous rave parties, Cerca Trova?

Cerca Trova was my baby. I was green, hungry and so passionate about music, I felt I could put on a better party and invite better guests than what London was putting on that time. I learnt so much from that party that I take with me to every gig I play. I respect so much the promoter and the people involved from the door staff, bartender, guest list lady - everyone plays their importance of you (the raver) having the best experience possible, so when I arrive at gigs now I really see these things clearly. These were illegal warehouse and basement parties dotted around East London and the concept was Seek And You Will Find - this came from a secret message by Leonardo Da Vinci. (If you’re curious, go research for yourself).

It’s really cool, ten years later I’m bumping into a lot of artists who are still playing from Dan Andrei, Federico Molinari, Lee Burridge, Nastia, H.O.S.H and Julian Perez for example - I was really into finding and showing London new sounds and DJ’s back then that were just breaking through around 2007 onwards.

There’s an overwhelming amount of house and techno artists, both burgeoning and established, making tunes around the world and releasing an endless amount of tracks on various platforms. Is there a stand out artist or ‘one to watch’ who’s managed to grab your attention amongst the masses?

Yeah, for sure. The more house and techno spreads globally and the amount of information shared via the internet (live streams, Skype, Facebook live) the quicker and more connected everyone becomes. I'm finding more and more that I can’t keep up! Obviously, I have to say I’m hugely inspired by my Fuse London crew; OdD, Archie Hamilton, Enzo, Seb Zito, Rich Nxt. All touch me in their owns ways.

Outside of the camp, I’m hugely connected with a lot of South American artists that I have met along my travels like, Guillermo de Caminos, Rodrigo DP, Nacho Bolognani and Manglus for instance. Europe side check out; Noha, KOKO, Levi Verspeek, Joe Rolet - this list goes on and on and changes all the time.

Give us three tracks that never leave your record bag and why? 


This reminds me of my youth and listening to this track over and over on repeat after sneaking into my friend's brother’s bedroom whilst he was out. Good memories even fifteen years later. I still drop every now and then when the feeling is right. 


Ah, this one. Is just me in a track. When I can get the mood just right, you can go inside yourself. Deep. Emotional. Driving. 


Just another track I used to play and play and I will never ever get tired of playing it. Tribal warrior music. Heads down. Hands up. Old school DC10.

What projects have you got lined up for 2018?

A lot is lined up for 2018. I will release my first remix on Djebali’s label; Reworks. Arkityp002 & 003 EP (My project with Archie Hamilton). My first Fuse London EP. Another remix this time on Moss Co (Archie’s label). I will start my own party in London as well as a record label whilst continuing my manlike live stream project (More news soon on this). For now, that’s all I can say. It’s more than enough. 

Finally, considering you’re headlining the Unusual Suspects room, leave us with an unusual fact no one knows about you?

I used to be Grime MC back in the day - moving around on pirate radio station with my crew from the age of 14 whilst holding down a professional football contract with Ipswich Town & Leyton Ori- ent! Big love Rossko aka MC ILLZY (illustrate).