Get to know: Metodi Hristov

The Bulgarian born Producer & DJ talks home territory shows, Terminal M & future productions.

Bulgarian based Metodi Hristov has won over electronic music lovers with his experimental sound over the last decade.

Producing a plethora of tracks supported by Pan-Pot, Marco Carola and Richie Hawtin amongst other industry heavyweights, Hristov has released on major labels including Terminal M, OFF Recordings, Deeperfect, Glasgow Underground and Toolroom Records, adding to his already hefty history of accolades.

Earning the status of a highly respected producer and formidable DJ has led Hristov to far-flung territory covering Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Argentina and UAE since his career took off back in 2014. Procuring his big break with the release of ‘Step Outside’ on Glasgow Underground, it wasn’t long before it became widely recognised as Matthias Tanzmann declared it the Number 1 record of 2014’s Ibiza season.

Since then, Hristov’s sonically charged career has taken off and we’re thrilled to welcome him back to through Egg LDN’s doors on Saturday 11th November for Familia’s birthday combined with a Terminal M showcase with Monika Kruse, Skober and more.

You have a large Bulgarian following, many fans from your home country always flock to your gigs, how does that make you feel?

It’s always a pleasure to see fans from your home country in other cities all over the world.

You’re originally from Sofia, the underground party scene is evolving there, do you ever play at any of the events there and which events do you rate in the city?

Yes, the scene in Sofia is evolving, but it’s still very small. Last time I played in my hometown was last Christmas. We had our first Set About showcase in Sofia and it was simply amazing! The Bulgarian audience is one of my favourites, they’re always excited and ready for some rough grooves. I formed my style here in Sofia and I love it!


You’ve said before you taught yourself your skills in the studio, what advice would you give a young upcoming producer with skills still to learn?

The most important thing is to create your own recognisable style.

How did you meet your Set About label partners Gallya and Marin? Was it an instant connection or were you old friends who decided to work together on the project?

I've met Gallya at one of my gigs in Bulgaria and shortly after she became my better half and my best friend. Marin and I met about 5 years ago in Austria, where I had a gig. We kept in touch after that and became friends. Once I had a problem with a visa for Colombia and he helped me to get it. As I had no manager at this time I asked him if he wanted to be my manager and after some brilliant years together we decided to start our own label Set About.


Releases on your label regularly chart and are heavily supported, this must feel a satisfying achievement. Where do you see Set About going from here?

We have a clear vision of what we want to release, so we’re always looking for good artists, that's the plan.

You’ve had several EPs on Monika Kruse’s Terminal M label, can you tell us the highlights of working with Monika and the Terminal M crew?

Yes, I’ve released had 3 EPs for Monika's label so far and every one has made it into Beatport’s Top 10 Techno and Tech House charts, with every EP that followed placed higher than the previous release! My track "Sirius" from my last Terminal M EP reached the 4th position on Beatport’s Techno chart. So I'm very excited about my 4th Terminal M EP which is coming out on 15th of December.


You’re playing the Terminal M Showcase at Egg on 11th November, are you looking forward to spinning with Monika and what makes this night so special?

I really love Monika's work and of course due to my many releases on Terminal M I feel connected. So I'm really looking forward to sharing the booth with her. Besides I really love the crowd at Egg!

We’re coming towards the end of 2018, what have been the highlights for you?

One of the biggest thing that happened to me this year was my collaboration with GusGus and my remix of their pilot album track ‘Featherlights’. I've put a lot into these projects and can't wait to release them soon.