Get to know: Lost Frequencies

Identity, Inspirations, and everything in between.

An economics student in his previous life, Felix De Laet aka Lost Frequencies has come a long way from teaching himself music production via YouTube tutorials to earning international recognition as a burgeoning electronic producer and DJ on the rise.

Hailing from Brussels, De Laet started his sonic exploration online before delving into DJing around the city while continuing to develop his own sound. Fast forward to 2014 as his breakthrough track ‘Are You With Me’ essentially put De Laet on the electronic music map as he rapidly gained a hefty following outside Belgium. Unsurprisingly, the twenty-two-year-old took to this sudden rush of success without hesitating and built a team of solid managers and agents to support him along the way. Despite building a large following in a short space of time and being thrown into a heavy touring schedule, the young Belge remained level headed and hard working both on the road and in the studio ever since.

Returning to Egg LDN on 13th October, we caught up with Lost Frequencies to look back on another year of accomplishment and how he stays healthy in the midst of worldwide touring and the confines of his studio…

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Tell us about your moniker ‘Lost Frequencies’ - why did you decide to not use your real name for a career in DJing and production?

I was just experimenting and learning my way with my productions at first and I was working with music I knew. That to me was sometimes tracks that were not always “popular” to others and I was making tracks that were Lost Frequencies.

Before you started making and mixing electronic dance music, what were you doing with your life?

I was studying economics back in Belgium, I never thought my life would take this unexpected and amazing turn! 

In the early days, did you have a mentor who showed you the technical ropes of mixing and creating sounds?

I did not, although there are many DJs and artists that I look up to. I am very much a self taught-producer, I learned a lot of techniques using YouTube and basic equipment, I have no formal training and I’m proud of my level of dedication and how hard I’ve worked to get to this position.

After your breakthrough track ‘Are You With Me’ released on The Bearded Man, your career reached new heights after an incredible amount of support emerged around the world. How have you coped with this new found fame along with the demanding lifestyle that comes with pursuing a career in DJing? 

By staying in touch with my friends and family regularly, they keep me the same haha! I also have a great team professionally across the label and my management; they are like my family. It’s also important to look after yourself on the road, heavy tour dates can get crazy – like when I toured with The Chainsmokers across America – those guys know how to party! But I am young and I enjoy what I do, as long as I perform well and stay healthy, that is the most important thing. I usually only have a gin or two on occasion after a set or a beer with friends, it’s important to still look after yourself.

What do your friends and family think of the journey you have embarked on?

They are all very proud and supportive, it makes them so happy to see me play, just as much as I enjoy them coming to my shows, they understand the journey I’m on.

What’s been the highlight so far and what do you aspire to do next? Any festivals or clubs you’re yearning to play in?

I have been lucky enough to play on the main stage at Tomorrowland and host my own arena at the event, also playing at Coachella and Lollapalooza were “pinch me” moments in not only my career but my life! I’d still like to visit Australia and play there one day, Future Music always looked like a super cool festival “down under”, it was a shame to see that go…

You’ve collaborated with EDM giants including Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and Dash Berlin. How do you approach creating tracks with other artists in the studio?

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are like big brothers to me, so with them working on ideas feels as natural as anything. That is important to me, to have a connection with an artist or an interest in their music, a mutual respect regardless of genre. My collaboration with Netsky that we released not too long ago was like that, he has a harder Drum N Bas sound when with mine, I can go more melodic, more house styles, but we came together to merge our music as fans of each other to create something unique. 

Finally, what’s been the most surprising thing you’ve witnessed on the road?

The love and support from my fans all over the world! The success of my first single ‘Are You With Me’ was amazing, but traveling to places like India and playing events like Coachella with thousands of fans screaming my name was an unbelievable feeling and a surprise I never expected.