Get to know: French Toast

We caught up with 1/3 of London collective "Chase The Compass" ahead of their showcase.

As one third of East London’s Chase The Compass collective, Frank McWeeny A.K.A French Toast has held a strong fixture on the team since it was founded five years ago. Initially, a house and disco blog championing sounds on par with Chicago’s most respected dance haunts, the group expanded into hosting hugely popular disco nights in London.

The faces behind Chase The Compass consist of Charlotte and Jamie (founders/CTC writers - Charlotte is one half of DJ duo House Husband), Declan aka Holmes Price and other half of House Husband (writer/CTC resident) and Frank as French Toast (writer/CTC resident). Together the foursome built a solid brand online, featuring mixes, reviews, and interviews with emerging and established artists from the underground scene. As their monthly parties took off in Shoreditch and Hackney, an eclectic crowd and loyal audience materialised, quickly confirming the brands status as a colourful, bombastic event accompanied by quality disco cacophony.

Gearing up for an extended B2B2B for their Egg LDN debut, we’re delighted to welcome CTC residents French Toast, House Husband and Holmes Price for their Loft takeover coming up November 18th. Delving further into the mind contributing to London’s healthy house and disco scene, we caught up with French Toast for a taste of what’s to come…

As a Chase The Compass resident, how has the collective evolved since your colleagues Charlotte, one half of House Husband, and Jamie launched the brand five years ago?

It's grown into a proper family with strong ties across London, Europe, the US and Australia. Chase The Compass has given me so much over the years. On top of being my best friends, there are huge amounts of talent and creativity across the board. From writers to DJs, promoters and photographers, it feels like we have become a bit of a powerhouse.

What CTC projects have you got lined up over the next few months?

We have our regular residencies at Queen of Hoxton, Magic Roundabout and a special Christmas party at one of our favourite East London spots NT's. We also have a few really exciting new ones, obviously The Loft at Egg on the 18th November which we are HYPED about, and a couple more but that's under wraps for the moment. Shhhhhhhhhhhh... 

Last summer you toured extensively under your French Toast moniker, covering terrain from Mumbai to Glasgow. What’s next on the touring agenda?

I am heading back to India in February, also doing Australia and New Zealand in March/April, China and South Korea in May. I am also working on my first DJing visit to South Africa and Uganda for late 2018. I am fascinated by the music coming out of there at the moment. It's a huge inspiration and I can't wait to go see what's up. 

You regularly play B2B alongside Holmes Price and House Husband, totaling three people behind the decks at one time. What’s the dynamic between you all during these sets?

IT'S THE BEST! We know each other's taste really well so it always feels really fluid and coherent. It doesn't feel like we are trying to do better than the others, we just keep adding vibes. Our set at Egg will be one of our longest b2b2b and we can't wait. We also bust serious moves behind the decks. Charlotte is the better dancer but Holmes Price and I aren't bad either. It's all about smiles and good times. Come party with us!

Leave us with three tunes that will (without a doubt) make an appearance during CTC’s Loft takeover at Egg LDN coming up November 18th?

Marcus Marr's new tune 'High Times'. It comes out this Friday (27th October) and for me, it's his best work. He played it to me 3 years ago and I've been waiting for it to be released ever since! 

 Frey & Waxy 'We Came Here To Party’ is a proper chunky and groovy rework which always goes down a treat. It's been in most of my sets for almost a year. 

 Floorplan 'Tell You No Lie' is just an all-around party tune. Classy vocals, jacking disco vibes. You will know this, and if you don't I guarantee you will still know and sing the lyrics by the end of the track.