Get to know: Eli & Fur

We caught up with the home-grown duo ahead of their set with us this Halloween.

Since breaking onto the scene in 2012, Home-grown talents Eli & Fur have been perfecting a sound built around electronic melodies and moody vocals. 

Tipped by Beatport & Pete Tong as the ones to watch, we caught up with the duo ahead of their set with us this Halloween, getting the load-down on everything from Space Ibiza, to cake eating habits.


After taking your touring schedule and music career to the next level and playing alongside Carl Cox during his infamous Space residency last year, how was the experience and what’s your relationship to the man himself since the closure of Space?

That was an amazing opportunity for us and we loved every second. Carl has been very supportive and encouraging and we look up to him a lot. Would love to be as successful as he is. He's also an awesome guy and really down to earth which we love.

Tipped as Beatport’s ‘Ones to Watch’ amongst other accolades like a 2017 residency at Red Bull’s London Studio, how do you both remain level-headed and avoid becoming overwhelmed with the long list of opportunities thrown your way?

It’s amazing when you work hard at something and dedicate your life to it to be able to have opportunities that help you grow and develop the project as well as continuing to do what we love. It's encouraging and inspires you to keep pushing on in such a competitive industry.

 With support from respected artists like Annie Mac, Pete Tong and of course Carl Cox, has there been a mentor for you both since day one?

We never had anyone specific from the start but it’s been great having the two of us on this journey. We encourage each other and bounce ideas back and forth. We are both passionate about the music and challenge each other every day. 

What’s been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received since you’ve both started on this road?

We used to work at a songwriting company together and our boss at the time said something that’s always stuck. He said to focus on what you are good at, not to try and be something you feel is cool or relevant but to stick to what inspires you the most. That’s usually where your strength and passion lies which comes hand and hand with talent. 

Will you be dressing up celebrate your Halloween debut at Egg LDN coming up on 27th October?

Of course. 

Tell us a secret no one knows about you until now?

We have just sat here for 20 mins trying to think of something appropriate and have come to the conclusion that they are secrets for a good reason ;).

Cheesiest track from your collection? 

Justin Bieber - Confident 

Logic or Ableton?

Bit of both.

Kale or ale?

Bit of both.

Guilty pleasure? 

Eating a whole chocolate cake alone.