Get to know: Einzelkind

Cocoon, vegan flutes and mind reading, we make sense of the world with Einzelkind.

Arno Völker a.k.a Einzelkind is a man of mystery. With a bio that reads ‘Blabla..Kraftwerk..blablabla..Music was his first love’ amongst a jumble of nonsensical jargon with words like ‘Sven’ and ‘Omen’ thrown in for good measure, it’s hard to dig deeper into what this enigmatic character is all about. Is ‘Sven’ a reference to Cocoon boss Sven Väth? Highly likely. Is ‘Omen’ a nod to legendary hardcore dance trio The Prodigy? We can only assume.

What we can’t assume is Einzelkind’s sound and what the artist is sonically capable of. Early releases on Kindisch show an upbeat, almost jazzy side to the producer's creations circa 2006. Since then releases on a plethora of labels including Get Physical, Housewax and of course Cocoon reveal a range of deep, melodic beats entwined with smoky vocals, suitable for any respectable dance floor across the globe. With a handful of tracks reminiscent of sunnier times on the White Isle - a place Einzelind is no stranger to after earning his Cocoon residency - Völker has remixed Alex Niggeman, Nima Gorji and Roberto Capuano, covering sounds from minimal house to rolling techno in his discography over the last ten years.

Making his debut at Egg on Saturday 18th November, we caught up with the man himself ahead of his show with Steve Bug, Bo Irion and Peter Schumann manning the Main Room for the night. Who knows what to expect...


Where in the world are you right now and what are you up to?

I am right in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to this guy called Ashraf for making me a hotpot with a hotspot.

2017 saw a packed schedule for you touring with Cocoon, covering an extensive terrain from South Korea to Ibiza. Did you notice a significant difference between the crowds in such far-flung parts of the world?

After reading their minds for about two hours I can assure you we’re all the same.

Speaking of Cocoon, how did your relationship begin with Sven Vath?

It was love at first sight. He saw me and he knew this guy has the Salsa. Electrica one. 

As well as touring, you’ve managed to release a generous amount of tracks on Cocoon, Global Underground, Mix Trax and more respected labels. As a producer and DJ, how do you balance studio time with such an insane travelling schedule?

I play the flute (vegan) for quite a while now so I know how to push the buttons and when.

What has been the most ridiculous moment you've witnessed on the road this year?

Somebody puked on the decks just before Giuliano Lomonte (why does my Autocorrect wants me to write Limonite all the time. Would be a cool name for a Limoncello Energy Drink) was about to start. So we puked back at him and rocked the house. Ruthless.

A range of artists including Chris Carrier and Sasha Dive have remixed your tracks. How do you feel listening back to a deconstructed version of your original creation?

Don’t listen back always listen forward. 


Coming on November 18th, you’re making your debut at Egg LDN. What are you looking forward to about this particular show and visiting London itself?

Last time I went there I came to see Bryan Gee and MC Dynamite so I am going back to the grime scene really. Love me some Landan vibes!!

808 or 909?

Pearl Sy-1

Vinyl or USB’s?

Good Music

Logic or Ableton?

Sequentix Cirklon

Preferred beverage during a set?

Beaverage during a set? I really like to keep it vegan while playing and shaved.

Best way to cure a hangover?

Don't sleep.

Cheesiest track from your collection?

Cheesy is not a competition. And if... then Norway is the champ.