Flipside Soundsystem at Egg London

2014 is past, but it brought refurbishment and so many new things to Egg LDN, one of them was newly updated soundsystem which was installed throughout the venue. The Flipside system is like no other and they strive to produce something completely unrivalled…

“At Flipside we’re all about bringing purist sound quality and relentless attention to detail back into club sound.

Our relationship with EGG LDN began back in 2013 when we were approached with the task of providing a completely original system for their then recently renovated Terrace space. Since then we’ve designed two new systems for their Basement and Loft rooms.

We wanted to deliver something that surpassed all expectations… three distinctly different listening experiences to suit each of their spaces, while still maintaining an uncoloured and immersive listening experience.

The Terrace system is built around our FS-218MKI sub-bass loudspeakers and features a bespoke versions of our FS-12.1 fiberglass horn mid/high enclosure. These units were picked and re-designed to deliver a sound with warm, deep sub-bass and lively, dynamic tops. The room can be both immensely powerful and beautifully subtle.

The Basement needed something slightly different. What we showcase here is pure force and impact. By combining the FS-T18H and FS-215T bass enclosures with specially customised OEM drive units we captured the raw impact of today’s dancefloor electronic music. How can we articulate that brutality without sacrificing pleasure…? That answer is by combining immense power with incredibly low distortion and a natural, balanced sound.

The Loft space was the greatest challenge. An architecturally beautiful space with a greatly intimate feel. Every unit featured in this room is a completely new design, inspiration from the audiophile world fuelled the process that gave birth to the FS-8.1 mid/high loudspeaker. The room sounds incredible, and it’s my personal favourite. A small system that communicates a truly full-body experience.

The final, invisible, aspect of the club is the sound team. We work closely and directly with the venue to take care of all their needs and ensure all promoters and artists have all the tools they need to deliver events that customers will remember forever.”

James ‘Flipside’ Cooper – co-owner of Flipside Soundsystem