David Squillace Interview

We talk This And That ahead of his appearance at Moon Harbour 100 on May 27th

Having notched up two decades of international touring, studio work, label curation and virtually every other job under the dance music umbrella, longstanding Circo Loco/DC10 resident and tech house titan Davide Squillace joins Matthias Tanzmann on the decks for the latter's illustrious Moon Harbour 100th party at Egg on Saturday 27th May.

With the party just over a week away we spoke to Squillace about albums, aliases and having another child...

What are you doing right now and where are you doing it?

I’m working on an album, which I think is long overdue. I’ve never considered putting out an album because my focus has always been on putting out single releases. I think I got to a point as an artist where it felt the right thing do it.

Siena, Naples, London and Barcelona, what have each of those contributed in making who you are today?

Siena, not so much to he honest. Half my family is from there and it was where I was born, but Napoli is where I grew up and that city gave me almost everything. I knew the place like the back of my hand, so I was always aware of what was around me. London put me in touch with so many good people involved across different art forms. Barcelona was great to live the party life!

We read in another interview about you putting out a trilogy of albums to air all your music styles and aliases. Can you tell us more about this and your aliases, how do they differ?

‘Davide’ is more of a club animal. Eriko Tanabe productions are the dreamy, more LSD sounding sort of stuff. It’s clubby but not as impactful as the techno aliases, with a lot of influence from acoustic instruments.

How did your collaboration Better Lost Than Stupid with Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Butrich come about?

I think each of us bring a distinct set of skills to the project. I’ve got a good idea what is asked of a modern-day artist; being active on social media, producing music and amazing club nights. It’s important to be present in the identity of our work and each of us bring something different.

Are you an art collector? Where from your travels have been the best cities and galleries for work that you like? 

I am an art collector, but in an affordable way. My grandfather was also an amateur art collector and I think that’s where I got it from. I can’t think of a specific gallery across the world but obviously there are the main ones in London like Tate Modern which has many, many different artists and art forms. That’s always a good one to go to. As for contemporary music, you can go all around the world.

What’s going on with your This and That label. Can you give us insight for what’s in store for the rest of the year?

We have an G.Flame EP coming up with remixes from Sterac and Steve Rachmad and we're releasing a few EPs from Basti Grub and Haiku 575. Also there will be three various artists compilations, one of which will be exclusively tracks from producers. 

What else does the future hold?

Another child!